Goodbye Wordpress and Hello Ghost

It's been a while since I wrote my latest post and I didn't mean to write more before I change how my blog looked, I was »

CFBundleIdentifier and Mac OS Launchpad

Recently, I bought some games to play and one of them was a bundle (Humble Bundle Telltale Games). I haven't checked all of them just yet »

Global Warming - Sides and Facts

We still have people arguing about whether Global Warming is man-made or it's just natural. While almost all climatologist and most of the scientist agreed that »

Learn While You're Dreaming!

I assume most of you heard that if we think about something right before we sleep, we keep thinking about it and we might learn it »

Hello World!

I was already blogging in Turkish for long time and finally I decided to write in English too, so here I am. My name is Mustafa »